on 1 maj | 09:45 - 10:15
Theater 3 / Sal 3

IT and OT is coming together but ...

Join us for an exciting introduction of the Nozomi Networks technology and get an insight into the OT / ICS environment and what matters. Nozomi Networks is the recognised leader of Cyber Security in the OT space. This session will give You insight to and understanding of what the priorities are when the task is anything but administrative IT. In the OT environment availability and visibility is king. This requires special skills for the technology. One mistake can cost hundreds of thousands $ even millions and Cyber Crime is just round the corner. What to do?
Industrial Cyber Security (IOT and Scada)
Michael Weng
Systems Engineer, Nozomi Networks
Experienced OT and ICS Threat Hunter and OT Systems Engineer with more than 20 years from the OT Industry. Michael has been involved in planning and building OT / ICS plants all over the world. He has credentials CISSP, GICSP, GRID. Besides that Michael has been teaching, writing blogs and worked as independent OT threat hunting consultant for the last 4 years. Since January 2019 Michael has joined Nozomi Networks as Systems Engineer for the Nordics.