on 1 maj | 11:00 - 11:30
Theater 5 / Sal 5

When the hurricane hits you!

Do you have a plan for WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, at HOW to do it, if your company experiences a cyberattack? How do you secure you most critical business data? How do you protect your communication network? How do you stabilize your company? What's your plan? I'll give you examples of how you can be proactive and secure your organization against future attacks.
Cyber Security, Hacking & Cyber Crime
Kim Høse Jensen
VP Sales, NetDesign
Kim is one of the most experienced and competent Cyber Security personal profiles in Denmark. With his background in specialist and management positions at ATEA, CSC, Cisco Denmark, KMD, Trend Micro and TDC, he has developed a 360 degree orientation on the business opportunities and challenges that the entire IT-security area holds. His entire professional career has been oriented in the crossroads between value added opportunities using the latest IT-security technologies and tools. Kim has recently taken an MBA from Henley Business School.