on 2 maj | 09:45 - 10:15
Theater 6/Sal 6

Is DNS a Part of Your Cyber Security Strategy?

Detecting malware, helping to prevent and disrupt command and control communication, ransomware and phishing attacks, being part of a data loss prevention program- DNS can help with this and much more, but are you leveraging it as part of your security controls and processes?
DNS is the perfect choke point to stop not just data exfiltration through it, but also detect and stop malware from spreading and executing.

In this session, you'll learn:
- The value of DNS as part of your cyber strategy
- How DNS can provide your SIEM with actionable intelligence
- How DNS can add value to other security controls, such as vulnerability scanners and end point protection

Join Infoblox for a discussion on this often overlooked topic.
IT Security Tech
Data Center infrastructure
Erik Peeters, Senior System Engineer, BE, Luxembourg, DK, Norway, Infoblox
Erik joined Infoblox in 2005 and is currently a Senior System Engineer based out of Infoblox's Antwerp office. Prior to joining Infoblox, he was the Technical Support Manager and Systems Administrator at Planet Internet and also worked for Belgian reseller, Muxum in Security and Network management.