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Architecture Matters: Beyond Layered Security Approaches

Architecture Matters: Beyond Layered Security Approaches
Every year, record levels of money are spent on new IT security technology – yet major breaches and compromises are more prevalent than ever. The concept of “layered security” – in which an organization supports a wide variety of security technologies in order to discourage attackers – doesn’t seem to be working. It’s time to rethink IT security – not just the technology, but the way it’s approached from a strategic, architectural perspective.

There are ways to build a comprehensive set ofdefenses – a security architecture – that can not only discourage attackers, but actually prevent data breaches. This white paper looks at how the foundational architecture of a next-gen firewall and security platform “matters” in enabling the business and protecting it against a wide variety of attacks, how it enables unique and specific security scenarios, and how it supports a prevention-oriented approach.
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Udgivelsesdatoen: 20-02-2016
Filtype: pdf
Dokument: Whitepaper
Sprog: EN
Udgivet af: Palo Alto Networks

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