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Trusting The Cloud Under A Sky of Uncertainty

Trusting The Cloud Under A Sky of Uncertainty
Despite the apparent advantages of the cloud, many customers still perceive a lack of transparency and trust with respect to its usage. But, which are the enablers of a trusted cloud strategy? Do we need cloud certification schemes and SLAs to gain trust and ensure cloud security? During this talk we will overview the main pillars that are being advocated by the cloud security community in order to deploy end-to-end trustworthy cloud ecosystems for cloud computing namely transparency, accountability and security assurance mechanisms. Furthermore, we will briefly discuss future challenges associated with the automation of the cloud security life cycle.
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Udgivelsesdatoen: 04-05-2016
Filtype: pdf
Dokument: Præsentation
Sprog: EN
Udgivet af: Infosecurity Denmark/Version2 Datacenter

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