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Best practices with BYOD

Best practices with BYOD
In today’s modern society the requirement for employees to be based within a corporate office is minimal, largely due to remote working gaining prominence. The cost to provide remote working or mobile technology to employees can, however, be expensive. An ideal solution to this cost issue is enabling the employee to use their own IT and devices.

However, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) does bring some risk to an organisation and the security considerations of BYOD are often an afterthought.

Our BYOD whitepaper explores the overall risks that organisations can encounter with BYOD deployments. It will also offer suggestions for an overall security baseline that companies should be striving to achieve relative to the risks that BYOD can introduce, and the technologies or methods that can be utilised to mitigate these risks.

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Udgivelsesdatoen: 24-04-2018
Filtype: pdf
Dokument: Whitepaper
Sprog: EN
Udgivet af: Paul Dalron, Security Consultant, NCC Group

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