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The ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

The ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation
Speed has never been more important for security operations teams as it is today. As the technology we use at work expands from desktop computers and laptops to the Internet of Things (IoT), and as company-issued devices give way to a culture of BYOD, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to discover and contain security threats. As the technologies change and the threats evolve, so must security operations. Today, security operations are often slowed down by manual processes that would be better left to machines, freeing up teams to focus on the critical thinking and tasks they do best. Additionally, while there are many great security tools on the market, they don’t all integrate with other tools or systems out of the box, or share information in the form of relevant and contextual data and alerts.The security workforce talent gap also exacerbates these problems, as teams are stretched thin, struggling to optimize the resources they have, often without enough time or expertise on their side. Alert fatigue is all too common, and incidents, compromises, and breaches are slipping by unnoticed in the chaos.Security Orchestration and AutomationIt’s not all doom and gloom, though. Security orchestration and automation is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of many organizations’ security strategies, and it‘s helping to stack the deck in favor of defenders.
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