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Which Bot Management Solution Is Right for You?

If you picked a website at random, what you’d find might surprise you. You would probably discover that, according to Akamai internal research, automated web robots, or bots, are responsible for between 30% and 70% of the total traffic to websites today. That simple statistic belies a complicated truth. Knowing about bot traffic is one thing. Understanding what to do about it — and then doing it — is much more challenging. The bot management market is an evolving one, with many vendors of different sizes, experiences, and capabilities. However, the one thing that they have in common is marketing — everybody says that they can solve your problem. You need to learn how to see through the marketing and get to the capability. To cut through the noise and get to the result. You need to know how to evaluate bot management solutions and understand what the differences mean for you. That is what this e-book is for. Read on.
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Udgivelsesdatoen: 01-07-2020
Filtype: pdf
Dokument: E-bog
Sprog: EN
Udgivet af: Akamai Technologies

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